Robotics is the branch of technology that deals with the design, construction, operation, and application of robots, as well as computer systems for their control, sensory feedback, and information processing. These technologies deal with automated machines that can take the place of humans in dangerous environments or manufacturing processes, or resemble humans in appearance, behavior, and/or cognition. Many of today's robots are inspired by nature contributing to the field ofbio-inspired robotics. (

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Robotics is entering a whole new dimension by making products aimed at affecting our lives in a positive way. Industries too have started to realize and accept the flourishing technology, thus helping us make our lives easier and hassle free.

1. Muscle-powered bio-bots walk on command

Now a new kind of miniature biological robots can flex it muscle. Engineers at University of Illinois has devised this new biological robot. "Biological actuation driven by cells" is the driving force behind this invention. These are powered by a group of Skeletal Muscle cells which can easily be triggered by a small electrical pulse. And thus giving an easier way to control the boi-bots


2.July 03 - 2014 Power consumption of robot joints could be 40 percent less.

In a recent study it has been concluded that the basic structure by which robots work can be changed. Scientists have used a polynomial function based on two values (that correspond to the two most recent orders) to reconstruct the process in some way.

3. July 04 - 2014 Robot Parking System

Dusseldorf Airport has opened a premium parking service which employs robot valets called " Ray ". It's a Robot equipped with forklifts to lift your vehicle in and out of the parking area.

Premium PLUS Parken am Düsseldorf Airport

Premium PLUS Parken am Düsseldorf Airport

A laser will measure the vehicle and if needed Ray will adjust it's forklifts for the vehicle.

The robot then uses more lasers to navigate the parking area and avoid obstacles, tightly packing parked cars together.

You can use an android app to alert the parking system so that it can retrieve your vehicle.

Even though the video is in German, the parking system is self explanatory.

3. July 07 - 2014 Heads up, World Cup teams: The robots are coming

Those algorithms can translate off the field into technology like self-driving cars or delivery drones, said University of Pennsylvania engineering professor Dan Lee. RoboCup includes separate contests for service robots and search-and-rescue droids.

4. July 10 2014 German Torah-writing Robot at Berlin's Jewish Museum

Germans artists' group Robotlab has designed a Torah-writing robot and is currently at display in a museum in Berlin. It takes almost three months for the robot to write the 80 meter long scroll. Both the robot and the rabbi are part of the exhibition "The Creation of the World" about the significance of Hebrew handwritings in Judaism.

5. July 16- 2014 Japanese androids take us closer to 'Blade Runner' future

A future in which it is difficult to tell man and machine apart could soon become reality, scientists say, after recent robotic breakthroughs in Japan. Japanese roboticist Hiroshi Ishiguro has already created his doppelganger with powerful technology and electronics, complex moving parts , silicon rubber and hair from his own scalp and he sends this android version on overseas business trips in his place.

JIBO- The World's First Family Robot

JIBO- The World's First Family Robot

6. July 19 2014 : Jibo, World's First Family Robot

A new company called Jibo set out to make its personal assistant more useful and user-friendly by making it a physical entity called Jibo. Like software-only personal assistants, Jibo understands commands delivered in everyday language and knows when you call his name. He can also read messages and reminders loud and can remember your face and voice

7. July 20 2014 : LEGO Industrial Robot Replica

n an effort to inspire kids to be more interested in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), ABB Robotics

ABB Robotics - Engineering with LEGO can transform the future

ABB Robotics - Engineering with LEGO can transform the future

reached out to LEGO builders And the result was :

8. July 21 2014 : Robot Fingers might help the Eldery, Disabled etc

Two mechanics from MIT developed a new wearable robotic arm with two limbs so as to compliment the human hand.

7 Finger Robot

7 Finger Robot

The robot fingers are positioned on either side of a human hand, and are worn with a glove equipped with motion sensors.

Just like the robot arms, the robots can move intuitively based on the motion of the wearer’s own fingers

9. July 25 2014 : The 3D printed Robot that keeps on walking.

Flippin' Cool 3D Printed Walking Robot made by 17 year old boy!

Flippin' Cool 3D Printed Walking Robot made by 17 year old boy!

Alexander Maund bulit a robot that just keeps on walking. But instead of anthropomorphic legs, Alexander’s

robot has four short legs and looks more like a small bench. he cylinder inside the robot’s body has a small

geared motor powered by a couple of watch batteries, which drives a lead weight around the perimeter of

the cylinder causing it to roll.


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